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Let employees practice our corporate culture, let strategic partners know and identity with our development concept, let “Laiyu Soul” become a beacon guiding our cause to advance and let more people with the same concept of value join Laiyu to benefit the society and human being!

Beginner’s Mind:To solve problems urgent to be solved in the society!

Direction:What is needed by the society is what the enterprise will do!

Laiyu Soul

Corporate Core Values, Individual Values, Corporate Vision, Corporate Mission, Corporate Core Competitiveness

Corporate Core Values--Create Wealth,Cooperation and Win-win,Help employees to succeed,Benefit the society

Individual Values--Benefit others,Benefit the collective,Benefit the society

Morality: the competence and aspiration force of helping others

Filiality: the behavior and mentality of gratitude and inclusiveness for others

As a representative of Chinese traditional culture, the culture of morality and filiality makes perfect sense. Many existing problems in the society is caused by bad inheritance of the traditional culture. Two years of enterprise culture construction is the starting point for the culture of morality and filiality, as well as the inheritance and innovation of the traditional culture. Therefore, we have carried out new definition and sublimation for the culture of morality and filiality, namely explain the values of individuals and enterprises with the culture of morality and filiality and judge our behaviors with the standard of morality and filiality at the same time!

Corporate Vision--To create a national brand in the magnesium salt industry

Laiyu is the industry leader and also quality spokesperson of the industry. We laiyu people not only pursue individual develop, but give the brand to the whole industry, build an industrial strategic alliance, have people with the common value develop together and build Laiyu brand into a national brand of the industry!

Corporate Mission--Let “Made-in-China” win the respect of the world

We have turn from making “products” simply to doing “cause”. We change from thinking and daily work behavior, make our product quality and cause on the platform the best, implant more connotation, reshape the competitiveness of Made-in-China, and make Laiyu and “Made-in-China” truly win the respect of the world!

Corporate Core Competitiveness--To be the first,Or to be the unique,Or to do first

“Laiyu Soul” is a kind of culture and values every Laiyu people need to follow. We Laiyu people should always observe whether our ideas and actions are in line with them; how should I Do; what’s the gap, and how to improve. This is the “ruler” we Laiyu people adhere to all the time in our work and life.


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Time of issue:2019-09-18 00:00:00

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Time of issue:2019-09-18 00:00:00

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