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Laizhou City Laiyu Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in 1984, located in Shandong Province. It is mainly engaged in the research and development, production, and sales of magnesium salts and sodium salt products. With advanced production technology.

Laiyu always puts environmental protection in the first place in the development of the company. The problem of "three wastes" in industrial production has been properly controlled.Solid waste has been transformed into fertilizer, and water has been recycled.It has passed the environmental protection assessment of Laizhou City and the acceptance and record of Yantai Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau. Laiyu not only attaches great importance to its own environmental protection, but also takes on the important task of social environmental protection and governance.As the domestic haze situation becomes more and more severe, the company has successfully developed and produced haze removal and dust suppression agents, contributing to China's environmental protection cause.

At present, the company registered capital of 50 million yuan, 286 employees, and has established cooperative relations with Beijing Institute of Technology, Soochow University, Qingdao University of Science and Technology, Beijing Institute of Aerospace Materials.

Laiyu Chemical’s products include: magnesium sulfate, magnesium acetate, magnesium carbonate, magnesium hydroxide, magnesium chloride, magnesium formate and other magnesium salt products; Sodium sulfite, sodium metabisulfite and other sodium salt products; Magnesium fertilizer, calcium magnesium sulfate, calcium magnesium sulfate,medium elements fertilizer and other fertilizer products. And the content of some products can be customized, such as liquid magnesium sulfate, potassium magnesium sulfate, etc. Laiyu products are exported to over 110 countries and regions, with an important position in the international high-end market. It has obtained REACH registration and FAMI-QS certification, as well as a series of certifications such as ISO 9001/14001/22000certifications,KOSHER,HALAL, magnesium sulfate feed additive production license, and magnesium sulfate food additive production license.

In 2020, Laiyu passed AEO advanced certification.

After more than 30 years of accumulation, the company has formed a set of magnesium salt industry chain with circular economy as the main body, and has achieved significant achievements. It has established strategic partnership with international famous brand companies in many industries, and is the global supplier of many multinational companies, serving more than 30 of Fortune 500 enterprises.

Laiyu has made remarkable achievements and accumulated rich experience in standard development and substantive participation in standardization work. Our company participated in drafting and formulating the national standard for magnesium sulfate food grade GB 29207-2012, the industrial magnesium sulfate industry standard HG/T 2680-2017, and the cosmetic magnesium sulfate industry standard HG/T 5737-2020.

In 2014, "Laiyu" brand won the title of famous trademark in Shandong Province.In 2007, Laiyu was awarded the title of "Invisible Champion" and"One Enterprise one Technology R&D Center of Shandong Province"by Shandong Provincial Bureau of Small and Medium Enterprises.as well as the title of "Individual champion" issued by Shandong Department of Industry and Information Technology in 2021.

Laiyu builds the enterprise with integrity. The company absorbs the essence of traditional Chinese culture, sublimates "altruism", "morality" and "filial piety" into the spirit of modern enterprise development, and takes it as the guiding ideology of corporate values and employees' personal values. The company has always closely combined the personal development of employees with the development of the company, to provide employees with a platform to realize personal value and continuous progress; As a social enterprise, Laiyu takes into account the interests of all parties and builds a community of common destiny with "brothers" in the same value chain to achieve common development.

What society needs, what enterprise aim for. Laiyu always focuses on the problems that need to be solved in the society, brings greater value to the society through its own research and development and product diversity, closely links production with customers andenvironmental protection, and wholeheartedly contributes to the sustainable development of the enterprise and the environment as well as the wealth accumulation of employees' families and the city.


Our original intention

Solve the urgent problems of society.

Our direction

What society needs, what enterprise aim for.

The Soul of Laiyu

Mission: Magnesium makes human healthier, nature fresher.Magnesium makes the world a better place.

Vision: To be the leader of the global magnesium sulfate industry.

Core values: Succeed employees, share win-win situation, create value and benefit society.

Personal values: altruism, collectivity and society.

Corporate Spirit: Keep eyes on the stars and feet on the ground.



Company strength

In 2020, the company passed the Customs AEO advanced certification.

The company was approved as a high-tech enterprise in 2018, covering an area of over 60,000 square meters and adopting automatic production lines and systems. It adopts automatic production line and mother liquor recycling system, and no three wastes are produced in the production process. It has an independent research and development team and a complete set of research and development testing equipment, with a production capacity of 200,000 tons/year. In 2019, it was approved to be included in the fourth batch of green manufacturing list. It is a global supplier to many well-known enterprises.

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