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Soil Conditioner Series

Magnesium sulfate monohydrate

Formula: MgSO4·H2O

Molecular weight: 138.37

CAS No:14567-64-7



AppearanceGrey particles or powder
Total magnesium oxideOver 25%
Water-soluble magnesium oxideOver 21%
Granules2-4mm or according to customer requirements

magnesium sulfate fertilizer used in agriculture:

Sulfur and magnesium can provide abundant nutrition for crops, help crops grow and increase yield, and can loosen soil and improve soil quality.

Lack of "sulfur" and "magnesium" symptoms:

1. The discoloration disease is mainly to produce stripe patch, serious lack will cause exhaustion and death;

2. The green leaves become smaller and the edges shrink;

3. Marble like pale orange, red, purple spots;

4. Susceptible to bacterial invasion and premature defoliation.


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