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Soil Conditioner Series

Silicon magnesium fertilizer

Application: Long-term application of chemical fertilizers makes the soil contain a large number of anions, such as SO42-, NO3-, Cl-, etc., resulting in soil acidification and hardening. These anions can be directly absorbed by plant roots except NO3-, and the rest remain in the soil. If a magnesium oxide type soil conditioner is applied to the soil, these anions will react with magnesium oxide to produce the corresponding magnesium salts and water, which will facilitate the absorption of plants. At the same time, magnesium is also beneficial to plant photosynthesis, and can improve plant yield.

Active silicon can form colloidal particles, increase the water stability of aggregates in soil, and form a good particle structure. Active silicon can retain water and improve soil structure, and can replace polymer as soil conditioner.

Packing: 25kg plastic woven bag or 50kg plastic woven bag or 1000kg plastic woven bag


No.Test itemSpecification
3SiO224%(min )


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