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New Material Series

Ortho-diallyl bisphenol A

Formula: C21H24O2

Molecular weight: 308.42

CAS NO:1745-89-7



AppearanceBrown viscous liquid
Purity%(HPLC test method)More than 80% or more than 90%
Viscosity(cps )300-1000

Uses: Mainly used for the modification of bismaleimide resin (BMI for short Bismaleimide), which can greatly reduce the application cost of BMI resin and improve the operability and manufacturability of BMI resin. The toughness, heat resistance and moldability of BMI resin are improved. Can be used for: ① electrical insulation materials, copper-clad circuit boards, high temperature impregnated varnish, insulating varnish laminates, molded plastics, etc. ②Wear-resistant materials, diamond grinding wheel,Heavy duty grinding wheel, brake pads, high temperature bearing adhesive, etc. ③ Aerospace structural materials. ④ Functional materials. For rubber antioxidant, adding 1-3% BBA to the rubber can greatly improve the aging resistance of the rubber.


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