New Materials Industry

Release time: 2022-07-09 16:35:50

New material industry is an important direction of the company's development strategy. Since 2003, the company has been committed to the materials’ research and development of allyl resin, bismaleic resin and special epoxy resin.

Ortho-Diallyl bisphenol A is mainly used for the modification of bismaleimide (BMI) resin, which can improve the processability and toughness of BMI resin without reducing the heat resistance of BMI resin. At 100 ℃, the melt viscosity is very low, and the cured resin has high Tg, excellent moisture heat resistance and mechanical strength, especially excellent toughness. It is a multi-adaptability resin that is resistant to high temperature and impact. At present, the only domestic manufacturer capable of batch production of ortho-diallyl bisphenol A is Laiyu Chemical, and others are in the stage of pilot test. The biggest advantage of Laiyu products is that the product stability is good, and there is little difference between batches. The main foreign manufacturers are Huntsman and Mitsubishi, but the prices are very expensive. The purity of ortho-diallyl bisphenol A high-purity product produced by the company can be stably controlled at more than 90%, which is the first in China and even in the world. The sales volume of 80% and 90% purity products ranks first in China.

The resin products have been successfully applied in the basic materials of China's aviation and aerospace fields, breaking the technological monopoly of foreign countries in this field and filling the domestic gap. Starting from the Shenzhou-5 spacecraft, our products have been featured in every space launch since then, and Laiyu products have been featured in military aviation aircraft, making important contributions to China's aerospace industry. Laiyu's resin products are also used in the braking systems of high-speed railway in China and exported to the United States and Europe, occupying a place in the international market.

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