Scientific Research Strength

Release time: 2022-07-09 16:37:42

Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to scientific research, development, and innovation as the guide, production and operation, continuous improvement as the center, quality and management as the foundation, and focused on technology investment and research and development. It develops several new products every year, with R&D investment accounting for over 4.0% of sales revenue. It has a R&D team of more than 50 people, covering majors such as chemical engineering and environmental engineering, and has cultivated a group of high-quality magnesium salt R&D and soil remediation technology talents, thus a talent team that integrates multiple disciplines for development has been formed. These process technicians all play the role of main force and technical leaders in technological innovation. In addition, the company has established R&D cooperation relationships with many well-known domestic universities and research institutes, such as Qingdao University of Science and Technology, Jinan University, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing Institute pf Aeronautical Materials, etc. It has many precision equipment such as atomic absorption spectrometer, high performance liquid chromatograph, ultraviolet spectrophotometer, visible spectrophotometer, etc.

The company has completed more than 30 research and development projects, and currently has 35 valid authorized patents, including 6 invention patents and 24 utility model patents. The company is the formulation unit of relevant standards, leading and participating in the drafting and revision of 4 national standards such as Magnesium Sulfate for Food Additives, Green Supply Chain Management Evaluation Code for Green Manufacturing Enterprises, Green Supply Chain Management and Recycling for Green Manufacturing Enterprises, and 5 industrial and group standards such as Magnesium Sulfate for Industry and Magnesium Sulfate for Cosmetics.

The company will continue to invest funds and talents in the future, striving to build a nationally and even globally renowned research and development unit for magnesium salt production and soil treatment engineering technology, and making positive contributions to promoting the harmonious development of regional economy and ecological civilization.

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