Soil Improvement Project in Polonnaruvo, Sri Lanka (Green Circular Industry Chain)

Release time: 2022-07-09 16:58:34

Collaborating with a rice processing plant in Sri Lanka to produce activated carbon, organic fertilizer, and soil conditioner products through the utilization of rice husk ash waste. Relying on the company's advanced soil improvement technology, heavy metal passivation technology, and intelligent fertilization technology, the local soil is improved to produce functional agricultural products. Three years of experimental data show that the rice yield in the local experimental field has increased by three times, and the quality of rice has also been greatly improved. The project not only greatly reduced the local ecological and environmental burden, but also improved the industrial chain of the rice industry, introduced the concept of smart agriculture for the local, and was met by the President of Sri Lanka. The project was also interviewed and broadcast by CCTV 1, and included in the national project library of the “Belt and Road Initiative”.


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