Soil Treatment Project for Cadmium Polluted Farmland in Zhuxi

Release time: 2022-07-09 16:38:12

Under the leadership of the relevant leaders of the Zhuxi County Party Committee and Government, as well as the county agricultural department and relevant departments, the mesoscopic team conducted observation and investigation in some areas of Zhuxi, utilizing the company's advanced soil conditioning technology, intelligent fertilizer mixing technology, and excellent soil conditioning products, actively engaged in the 4300 Mu agricultural soil improvement work in the impoverished area of Zhuxi and achieved excellent results. After conditioning, various indicators of the soil were greatly improved. Not only has it increased production and income for farmers, but it has also improved the quality of agricultural products, creating excellent conditions for the development of local functional agriculture and the promotion of the whole county system. By 2021, the scale will reach 30000 Mu.


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